Post Op / Discharge Instructions

Instructions for Patients Following Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

A prescription for pain medication will be given to you at the time of your preoperative visit or prior to leaving the hospital. Please use this medication as directed. Unless otherwise instructed, do not take anything with aspirin in it for approximately one week after surgery.

Your arm is supported in a sling. The sling is for your comfort. It may be removed the morning after surgery. You are encouraged to gently carry out a range of motion of the operated shoulder. You should attempt to carry this out at least a three times a day. Your non-surgical arm may be used to support the operated arm at the elbow as you carry out a range of motion. You may also lean forward and gently swing the operative arm back and forth as a pendulum to help provide progressive motion.

Wounds and Dressings
You may remove the postoperative dressings on the day after surgery. Do not remove the steristrips that are directly over the wound. You apply ice to the shoulder for comfort and swelling reduction.

PROBLEMS - Please contact my office if any of the following should occur:

  1. You develop increasing pain in the shoulder that is not relieved by rest, ice packs and pain medication.
  2. You develop a temperature above 102° or a persistent temperature above 101°.
  3. You note loss of strength or feeling in the fingers.

Problems following this type of surgery have been very minimal. Nonetheless, if you have any questions or feel there is any type of problem, please feel free to call.

Return Appointment
You will normally be rechecked in 6-10 days following surgery. If a postoperative appointment has not already been made, please call my office as soon as you get home to schedule this.


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